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We thank the congregation for their generosity.  We raised the marvellous sum of £977.77.  I’m sure that Christian Aid will be very grateful. 

Notable December dates

5 December at 9 30 am and 11 15 am

Gift Services in both Churches for the work of PKAVS

Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Service Ltd.

Financial gifts are requested please to support and raise funds for vulnerable children identified by PKAVS

12 December at 11 am

Civic Carol Service in St John’s Kirk

United Service for both Congregations with civic community and other organisations’ representatives

A Welcome from our Minister

St Leonard’s in the Fields – at the heart of Perth

Coming through the South Inch of Perth, a place of beauty, colour and fragrance, an oasis between the Tay and the city, the skyline is dominated by the Jewel in the Crown, that of St Leonard’s in the Fields Church, a Church which since 1883 has served its community, its parish, its people, with love – echoing the love of God at the heart of worship and of service and of life.

St Leonard’s in the Fields Church welcomes you today to come in from the South Inch or wherever you live and be part of a fellowship of faith, hope and love, a Congregation of God’s people committed to display acts of kindness and examples of friendship, conveying the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Those who worship in St Leonard’s in the Fields extend a sincere welcome for you and any to come within its walls and be part of a witnessing community whose aim is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his salvation in ways which connect the greatest story on earth about sacrifice, self-denial and service, with life in the 21st-century.

Let no one be a stranger within these walls.

Come inside and you will see not merely a beautiful sanctuary with seating for hundreds, with music to inspire and with words and actions relevant for today, but you will discover great friendship, Christian fellowship, a sense of belonging to a Congregation whose sole aim is to be a channel of God’s peace.

Come and join us in our worship and in our activities.

My colleague, the Reverend Alex Stewart and I, together with all members, would love to see you enter this Jewel in the Crown within the oasis of Perth’s South Inch.

 Morning worship is at 11:15 on Sunday mornings. 

I look forward to seeing you so much and would be very happy to speak to you by telephone or by email or in person most of all, to tell you more about what  St Leonard’s can do for you and what you can do for St Leonard’s.

With every good wish

The Revd John Murdoch
01738 628378
07578 558978