Fairtrade is a global movement to make sure small farmers in developing countries can compete and thrive in the global economy. 

Here in St Leonard’s in the Fields we are proud of our Fairtrade status and try to do what we can to help small farmers in these developing countries.

We have a stall every second Sunday after worship selling all kinds of Fairtrade products and the Divine Chocolate bars are a best seller living up to their name. They are truly DIVINE.

As well as promoting Fairtrade products we serve Fairtrade coffee and tea after the Sunday service and everyone is welcome to join us for a relaxing hot drink and an opportunity to chat with friends and introduce ourselves to visitors.

In the course of the year we try to hold special events to raise funds for particular Fairtrade initiatives. Our Fairtrade Fashion Show was a most successful venture and raised a large sum for cocoa workers in Africa.

“Chocolate Sundaes” have caught on and we intend to have them annually to celebrate the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight. An annual Fairtrade service of worship allows us to tell the congregation a little more about the charity and to give thanks for all the good things that God has given us.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in any of these activities and consider the habit of putting at least one Fairtrade item in your shopping basket every week.

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