I do hope everyone has noticed our ECO hub in the Church vestibule.

We decided with Session’s permission to set up this little hub to allow members to recycle things that are more difficult to recycle in the supermarkets or in other recycle outlets.

It has proved to be successful as our baskets for this purpose have been filling up.

Various members have a responsibility for each set of items and Graeme Giles our Hub manager makes sure that we all empty the baskets regularly.

-The congregation has always supported the Food Bank and the Stamp collection and we have added several more items to these collections.

The members of the Book Club are happy to receive books and indeed make books available to the congregation.

Baskets are available for the following items:

Milk bottle tops.



Bags for Life

Blister packs from medicines

Please have a look at the ECO table when you come into the vestibule

In this practical way we are hoping to play a little part in caring for our world and  diminishing the number of items sent to landfill.