Inchview Primary School

St Leonard’s in the Fields Church, has made links with two schools in it’s parish - Oakbank Primary School and Inchview Primary school. Our minister, Rev’d John Murdoch is a regular visitor to both schools, taking part in assemblies throughout the school year and fulfilling his role as school chaplain.

Inchview P.S., being in close proximity to the church and just a short walk across the South Inch, holds it’s end of term Easter and Christmas services in the church. We, as a congregation , endeavour to give the warmest of welcomes to the staff, pupils, and their families and are delighted to be part of these special services. It is a real joy to see our sanctuary filled with young people, many of whom are delighted to be inside the building, that is so familiar to them from the outside, as they walk past or whiz past in the car. 

We have one further, very important, connection with Inchview P.S. We were asked if our building could be their designated evacuation centre, in case of an emergency. St Leonard’s in the Fields Church was chosen as it met the criteria of being large enough to accommodate the whole school and being located just a short walk away. We are pleased to be able to offer them sanctuary, but hope and pray the occasion never arises.