The Manse of St John’s and St Leonard’s in the Fields

Dear friends

The 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour draws ever nearer. November brings memories, of life and love and yes, hope for new tomorrows as we remember ‘the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth’.

As I write this letter on Sunday 24th October, Bible Sunday, I am even more aware of our need to focus on the reading of the Word for our lives to flourish as we obey and follow the One who was in the beginning and who was God.

My late father spoke often of an American radio programme which he’d heard in the Navy during Second World War days, whose catch-phrase was Read your Bible. I offer those three words now to you in three echoes which have resonance for us in November 2021.

Echo one is Remembrance Sunday on the 14th when we will recall and remember with gratitude sacrificial love.

Echo two is the annual Blythswood Shoebox Appeal which demonstrates love in action.

Information is below postscript*

Echo three is Advent Sunday, 28th November when we begin to prepare for the arrival of Jesus when ‘Love came down’.

I pray that November for you will be firstly a time of gratitude to God for life, in these continuing Covid days. Secondly a month of Remembrance as we give thanks for all who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thirdly a time of re-reading the tale of the loving purposes of God in the redemption of the world by Our Lord Jesus Christ, particularly now at the beginning of the Christian liturgical year: the First Sunday in Advent, this year the 28th of November. If you have found the thought of Church-going tough in these past nineteen months, then Advent Sunday is a great day to come back to Church!

I send every good wish to you and all whom you love.


As I indicated to the Congregations after Morning Worship on the 24th of October my situation concerning future Ministry, it is only right that I enable all members to learn of that through this newsletter.

Believing that for the remaining years of Ministry which lie before me, such a future lies in ministering in a country Parish, I have been called to the Parish of Colvend, Southwick and Kirkbean in Kirkcudbrightshire, to be their Minister when translated from the Charge of St John’s and St Leonard’s, most probably in the late spring/early summer months of 2022.

I have been privileged to be the Minister of St John’s and St Leonard’s in the Fields for what will have been six years and can look back with enormous gratitude. In the mission statement which I wrote for both Congregations, I described them as beacons of hope in Perth and I pray that the light of faith will continue to shine brightly for both Congregations as the future unfolds. 

I wish all of you everything that is best and that is, in Saint Paul’s words, of good report.

The Reverend J A H Murdoch

*Shoebox Appeal

Leaflets are available in both Churches.

Fill a shoebox and take it to Perth Baptist Church [for onward delivery to Eastern Europe] on Friday 5th November between 10 and 12 and 2 - 4 pm AND/OR Saturday 6th November between 10 and 12 noon.

If preferred, donations may be given on website :