Pastoral Letter for Wed 7th October:

My Dear Friends, 

I knew the late great John R. Gray when I was a boy in Glasgow. Indeed, when I was a schoolboy John Gray told me that, when I grew up, I could come and be his assistant. John Gray later went on to be a distinguished Moderator of the General Assembly and the Minister at Dunblane Cathedral. I remember a story he told of a little girl in his Congregation whose mother had been trying to teach her the words of the Lord’s Prayer. She was very young and obviously didn’t understand many of the big words. One bedtime, when reciting the Lord’s Prayer, this little girl was heard to say: “Thy will be done in PERTH as it is in Heaven.”   

And yet, claimed John Gray, she wasn’t so very far wrong. If only God’s will were to be done in Perth – or Glasgow, or Edinburgh, or Dundee. If only God’s will were to be done where WE live – in our own hearts and in our own homes – then, we could indeed build a heaven on earth. Its up to each one of us individually to see that God’s will is done in our own lives and in the communities in which we belong. 

Liz joins me in sending our love to you all.